Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hydrophobic Solar Panels Benefit from NOC on Solar due to our Thinness

NOC on Solar has been tested by a number of Bay Area Solar Panel manufacturers for product performance and durability and we have succeeded every time.  What we've determined from testing is that NOC on Solar improves the performance of any solar panel for a number of reasons. Among them, NOC on Solar creates an ultra thin hydrophobic surface. The key is in our thinness. Other products that create a hydrophobic surface are ultimately a thick solution that negatively affects light transmittance. In effort to gain a hydrophobic surface you lose light transmittance and ultimately performance if you use and old-school solution. With NOC on Solar we have solved that. Light transmittance is actually enhance when NOC on Solar is applied to a solar panel, creating a hydrophobic solar panel. Even more significant is when NOC on Solar is applied on top of an anti-reflective coating. Data shows that NOC on Solar + ARC shows an increase in solar panel performance by up to 12.5%! A hydrophobic surface is easy to achieve. A hydrophobic surface that actually improves performance - that can only be done with NOC on Solar due to our proprietary nanotechnology that results in an ultra thin surface!

Solar's Dirty Little Secret

We have the Solution to Solar’s Dirty Little Secret
Solar PV is often hyped as requiring virtually no maintenance, when in fact, PV intstallaions need regular cleanings to maintain optimal performance. The accumulation of dirt on solar panels has a signficant, detrimental impact on the performance of sloar power systems. Dirt, however, is only part of the problem. PV system operators must also compete with the build-up of dust, tree debris, moss, sap, bugs, dird droppings, water spots, mold and more. It has been documented that even a light layer of contiamination can decrease efficiency and shorten the payback for solar power ROI.

If your panels are treated with NOC on Glassfor Solar, an Energy Efficient Maintenace System by Clarke Clean, your PV system performance will be optimized through sustainable module clarity. While many factors impact solar power production in solar panels, experts agree that you will lose power when your panels experience soiling. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Individual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to never clean or maintain their panels.

NOC on Glassfor Solar is a special nanotechnology product created for PV module substrates with a long-term hydrophobic effect on glass surfaces. This is not a sealer that forms a film but rather is a modification of the surface on a molecular level to provide a virtually self-cleaning. The hydrophobic product works by repelling water- and prevents adhesion of foreign matter on the surface (creating the easy to clean/self-cleaning effect).  An ultra-thin and invisible coating appears to the glass surface. Because of the hydrophobic treatment effect; dirt particles cannot penetrate the matrix of the surface.  When rain water runs off easily from the treated surface all dirt and grime particles are washed away with it.  Alternatively, a hose can be used to clean the glass when there is little or no rainfall.   
Georgia Tech School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: "As much as 10 percent of the light that hits the cells is scattered because of dust and dirt of the surface. If you can keep the cells clean, in principle you can increase the efficiency. Even if you only improve this by a few percent, that could make a big difference."

Clarke Clean: "Can you live with that?"

NOC on Solar Will Reduce Solar Panel Soiling and Accelerate ROI

San Jose, Calif, Oct 26, 2010 – Clarke Clean has developed an ultra-thin hydrophobic coating, NOC on Solar, for PV solar panels that allows 100% light transmittance and accelerates your solar panel ROI.  NOC on Solar is a modification of the solar panel glass surface, on a molecular level, to provide a virtually self-cleaning effect. NOC on Solar creates a hydrophobic solar panel. When layered over an anti-reflective coating, NOC on Solar has proven even greater performance in the conversion of the sun’s rays into reusable energy output.
“Solar’s dirty little secret has led end-users to believe solar panels, upon installation, do not require a continued level of maintenance to achieve quoted panel performance. If you leave your car parked outside for any extended period of time the windshield will need to be cleaned for driving visibility. Solar panel glass works in exactly the same way. When left outside solar panel glass will get dirty. It is an undeniable fact that dirty solar panels will not perform as well as clean solar panels.  They need to be proactively cleaned and maintained to avoid the soiling from natural contaminants that jeopardize light transmittance. For pennies per square foot, NOC on Solar can make them easier to clean, keep them cleaner, and lengthen the time between scheduled cleaning cycles,” says Cliff Clarke, CEO of Clarke Clean.
NOC on Solar differentiates itself in the hydrophobic field due to its non-polymer make-up and its durability. NOC on Solar does for solar panels what TeflonTM does for cookware– creates an easier to clean surface. NOC on Solar’s long-lasting formula creates a smooth, hard, anti-static surface (low surface energy) which repels environmental contaminants such as dust, pollen, sand etc. NASA and the US Department of Energy agree that the glass surface should be easily cleanable, have a low surface energy, and be smooth, hard and hydrophobic. This allows natural rain and snow cycles to have a greater impact on cleaning, allows cleaning cycles to occur less frequently and as a result, reduces water consumption.
“The application of NOC on Solar can occur at any stage of the manufacturing or installation process,” says Clarke.  NOC on Solar is most cost effective when it is applied earlier in the manufacturing cycle. However, NOC on Solar can be applied at any stage in the life of a solar panel – even after installation is completed. NOC on Solar is expected to last 2-3 years. NOC on Solar benefits everyone from large Solar Power Service Providers, business owners and homeowners who are planning a solar panel installation, or already have a solar panel installation completed.
About Clarke Clean
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