Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hydrophobic Solar Panels Benefit from NOC on Solar due to our Thinness

NOC on Solar has been tested by a number of Bay Area Solar Panel manufacturers for product performance and durability and we have succeeded every time.  What we've determined from testing is that NOC on Solar improves the performance of any solar panel for a number of reasons. Among them, NOC on Solar creates an ultra thin hydrophobic surface. The key is in our thinness. Other products that create a hydrophobic surface are ultimately a thick solution that negatively affects light transmittance. In effort to gain a hydrophobic surface you lose light transmittance and ultimately performance if you use and old-school solution. With NOC on Solar we have solved that. Light transmittance is actually enhance when NOC on Solar is applied to a solar panel, creating a hydrophobic solar panel. Even more significant is when NOC on Solar is applied on top of an anti-reflective coating. Data shows that NOC on Solar + ARC shows an increase in solar panel performance by up to 12.5%! A hydrophobic surface is easy to achieve. A hydrophobic surface that actually improves performance - that can only be done with NOC on Solar due to our proprietary nanotechnology that results in an ultra thin surface!

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